USB Challenge

CHALLENGE Unknown USB devices are a serious risk to your network. 67% of employees who find a USB device in a parking lot will plug it into their computer PROTECT YOUR NETWORK FROM USB ATTACKS WITH A CHALLENGE CAMPAIGN Would your employees put your network at risk and plugin an unknown USB device? Find out…

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Mögliche Phishing und Testing Roadmap oder Vorgehensplan für edukative Social Engineering Massnahmen der Versicherungsbranche

Cyber Security Awareness Program Framework

Short Guide for setting up a Cyber Security Awareness Program (Version. 1.1.12) Make your staff better and safer: A best practice guide for a successful awareness program. The LUCY SAPF guide will help you with the implementation of the pre-project in your organization. Table of contents: Scope, Plan, Run, Evolve – Overview of the SAPF Phases…

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