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LUCY enables organizations to take on the role of an attacker (phishing simulation) and identify gaps in both the technical infrastructure and security awareness and resolve them through a comprehensive e-learning program.


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Cyber Security Awareness NIST – Requirements, Commitments and Content

Blog PostCyber Security Awareness NIST – Requirements, Commitments and Content What must an organization do to achieve compliance with Cybersecurity Awareness NIST? What are the obligations, and what must be trained and tested? What are its degrees of freedom? What is its flexibility? Or customization? Comprehensive View of NIST Cyber Security Training Guidelines: This article…

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What our clients & partners say about us

‘’We specialize in providing cyber security expertise across hundreds of organizations. In every aspect from the delivery to the reporting, LUCY is the most powerful, most reliable, and most effective tool available!’’.

Lucas Lomax,
Information Security Analyst, Red Team
Manager – Focus Audits

‘’ith LUCY Phishing Software we found the tool where we can compile an individual phishing attack within a few minutes and without much training time/effort. While preparing the campaign we got competent support by the company so that our phishing simulations were a success’’

Roman Aebli,
IT Project Manager
Office for Information Technology
of the Grisons

‘’Our partnership with LUCY Security is a strategic one, enabling us to deliver not only security assurance but also security awareness. Through its integrated learning and testing platform, we are able to provide our customers with a robust testing and training regime that is not only comprehensive but also agile.’’

– Saaim Khan,
Head of ISAT Solutions
Content Security Australia

Great tool for risk assessment and computer based training on phishing and security risks
‘’Well designed application, easy and flexible usage to design your own campaigns. Many pre-designed examples of campaigns that can be adopted to your own needs. Detailed statistics an risk assessment that allows to design appropriate training measures.’’

– Head of IT in the Manufacturing Industry
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Easy to implement, very extensive toolkit. Self explanatory GUI, very reasonable pricing
‘’Fully customizable phishing assessments and CBT at a very reasonable price. Well documented, the toolkit is quite self explanatory. Great support by the vendor where needed.’’

– Senior manager security awareness in the Manufacturing Industry
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Lucy is the perfect tool for encompassing all aspects of phishing testing and training
‘’We were early adopters of the Lucy Phishing tool. The forward-thinking and innovative approach to the immerging threat of phishing attacks attacked us to the software – which has proven to be a perfect adoption to our business model and cyber security consulting services.’’

– Information Security Analyst in the Services Industry
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Within a short time a professional awareness training could be carried out
‘’Topics are very up to date, good price, simple company-specific adjustments possible, good support, incredibly innovative’’

– Leiter IT-Security in the Finance Industry
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Simple and effective awareness tool which offer great flexibility
‘’The vendor was really responsive to our requests and listening to our ideas for improvements, which they implemented quickly.’’

– Information Security in the Finance Industry
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@Joshibeast @lucysecurity I love it! By far the best framework for testing.

– David J. Peck

Lucy has been great! Every time we have an issue the support team helps right away, making it easy to test our users – Steven A.

– Smith, Owner, Daemon Systems

Lucy is a very efficient tool for my team, for creating awareness amongst our employees and it meets all our requirements!

– Patrick Zeller, Robert Bosch GmbH

LUCY Server is a powerful tool that not only allows phishing simulations, but can also be used to test existing security dispositions of a data center or a customer’s infrastructure. The solution is amazingly easy to use and we were able to benefit from a great technical support. Working with LUCY, we were able to build up a successful new market offering quickly and professionally!

– Andrew Brimson,
Managing Director – Khipu.

Awards & Success

  • 2015

  • 2016

  • 2017

  • 2018

  • 2019

  • 2020

  • Lucy was released as a free tool for phishing simulations and was immediately named “Preferred Phishing Simulation” in Hacking for Dummies.

  • cybersecurity_awards_winner-108x1502016 Gold Winner for “Enterprise Security Innovation” in the Global Excellence Awards.
    2016 Gold Winner: “Innovation in Enterprise Security” by Info Security Products Guide.

  • In 2017, LUCY won the Cyber Security Excellence Award for Best “Awareness Platform”.
    2017 LUCY received multiple IT World Awards from Network Products Guide. Gold: Most Innovative Software Company & New Products and Services. Silver: Most Innovative Software. Bronze: Best Products & Sevices IT-Security.

  • 2018: Lucy is named among the 15 “Most Promising Enterprise Security Startups” of the year.

  • 2019 Gold Winner for
    “Startup of the year” in
    the Info Security Product Guide.
    Most Innovative Security Awareness Training Platform 2019.




    In 2020, LUCY won the Cyber Security Excellence Award for Best “Anti Phishing”.



    In 2020, LUCY won the Cyber Security Excellence Award for Best “Security Education Platform”.



    In 2020, LUCY won the Cyber Security Excellence Award for Best “Security Education”.



    2020 Gold Winner for “Cyber Security Education and Training” In the Info Security Product guide.



    2020 Gold Winner for “Security Education and Platform” In the Info Security Product guide.



    2020 Silver Winner for “Security Training and Educational Programs” In the Info Security Product guide.



    2020 Global Excellence Awards of “2020’s Leaders in Security Awareness Training” In Acquisition INTL magazine.

What makes us different?

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    No matter where you install LUCY, privacy is ensured. LUCY complies with the strictest data protection regulations.

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    Our team of former “ethical hackers” covers the entire spectrum of attack methods that go far beyond simple phishing. Attack methods and learning content are constantly updated in LUCY.

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    Set up in just a few minutes. You can run LUCY localy on the Intranet, as a cloud-based SaaS solution on all common platforms (Unix, Windows), or on our own dedicated server.

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    The LUCY interface package (Domain API, LDAP API, SMTP API, REST API, etc.) supports the administrator and allows a quick integration into the existing infrastructure.

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    Lucy offers unique features in the areas Test, Assess, Engage, Train, and Report that are only vaguely, or not at all, supported by other companies on the market.

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    We offer a great value through a variety of offers. From our Starter Edition which costs less than one dollar per user, to more advanced editions that offer unlimited users and advanced contents, features and support.