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    Over 50% of hacking attempts are successful if they rely on a human error. The combination is particularly dangerous if the technical protective measures do not work together. Our software enables MSP’s and resellers to solve this problem with the best security awareness training and security testing platform on the market.

    MSP’s can operate LUCY in the cloud or on-premise with their own branding for their customers and quickly expand their service offering with security awareness training, attack simulations, infrastructure tests, e-mail security analysis and darknet monitoring (leak-, domain & tor sites monitoring). All content can be customized, including the video’s. Our annual fixed price, which knows no limits with regard to the number of customers or recipients, enables MSP’s to achieve the best possible margins in the entire market. Educate and test hundreds and thousands users with only one LUCY instance! Create training in LUCY and then export the e-learning to the client’s LMS with our SCORM API.

In the past, security providers have focused primarily on establishing a secure IT infrastructure for their customers. The firewall protection of the perimeter combined with various technical measures to protect the workplace is standard today. For this reason, hackers target their attacks on employees. Such attacks are called social hacking.

Phishing is the best known type of social hacking. Even more dangerous than entering sensitive data on websites are those attacks in which the employee is tricked into subconsciously introducing malware into the company. The uninterrupted stream of data leaks shows this problem. This is what we can stop. LUCY is the only platform in the world that can both measure and improve the lack of awareness and at the same time measure the technical risk.


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    Employee Testing: Run attack simulation (Phishing, Smishing, USB Attacks, Spear Phishing etc.) to identify risky users.

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    Employee Education: Educate users, measure training feedback, sell customized training content

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    Engage Employees: Analyse reported emails from LUCY’s email plugin, Create E-mail threats reports and stop attack in real time

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    Additional Services Exposure to malware attacks, spoofing & ransomware simulation, Mail and Web filter tests, employee foot printing etc.



Select your preferred country, your own server in cloud or on premise


Domain, software name, training templates etc.


We setup the first campaign together: training on the project

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    ✔ Get Started instantly with low cost: No entry fee. Pay-as-you-go. Low prices for larger volumes. Yearly subscription periods or single shot campaigns. Add unlimited clients in your system. Onboard new admins or recipients within minutes. Expand your offering through extra service (technical malware test, USB attacks, mail and web filter test, leak search etc.). Sell training and phishing services with an extraordinary margin

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    ✔ Install where and how you want with minimal maintenance: Run LUCY on a cloud server in your own country or within your own data center. We help you get familiar with LUCY’s onboarding training on your projects. We will setup the first campaign together (training and certification on the project). Buy additional service package any time. Save your own or LUCY created, pre-canned campaigns as templates and apply them for multiple clients within minutes. Create automated customizable reports in all file formats (including docx)

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    ✔ Access to huge content library: Get instant access to hundred of posters, videos and trainings. Customize the training yourself, create your own training from scratch or use LUCY Security to assist you in content creation. Run the training in LUCY – or export and sell the content to your clients (SCORM export)

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    ✔ Compliance: Comply with data privacy law and optionally run campaign anonymous.

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    ✔ Live access for your clients: Give your client view-only access and let them monitor training and attack stats in real-time.

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    ✔ Profit from our know-how: Work together with ethical hackers. Become part of the LUCY family and community: share templates, benchmarks and best practices among each other

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    ✔ Marketing: Register new leads in the partner portal, automate offering for your clients, participation in joint sales, joint marketing, be involved in our development – let us create your custom content and features. We will train you how to sell LUCY or we will support you for your first 3 first deals in the role of a pre-sales


Our certified partners provide senior know-how, local knowledge, technical expertise and other value-added services. All partners are trained by LUCY and have successfully completed Phishing Simulations, Awareness" Trainings, Malware Simulations, and IT-Security Assessments with LUCY.

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