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    Over 50% of hacking attempts are successful if they rely on a human error. The combination is particularly dangerous if the technical protective measures do not work together. Our software enables MSP’s and resellers to solve this problem with the best security awareness training and security testing platform on the market.

    MSP’s can operate LUCY in the cloud or on-premise with their own branding for their customers and quickly expand their service offering with security awareness training, attack simulations, infrastructure tests, e-mail security analysis and darknet monitoring (leak-, domain & tor sites monitoring). All content can be customized, including the video’s. Our annual fixed price, which knows no limits with regard to the number of customers or recipients, enables MSP’s to achieve the best possible margins in the entire market. Educate and test hundreds and thousands users with only one LUCY instance! Create training in LUCY and then export the e-learning to the client’s LMS with our SCORM API.

In the past, security providers have focused primarily on establishing a secure IT infrastructure for their customers. The firewall protection of the perimeter combined with various technical measures to protect the workplace is standard today. For this reason, hackers target their attacks on employees. Such attacks are called social hacking.

Phishing is the best known type of social hacking. Even more dangerous than entering sensitive data on websites are those attacks in which the employee is tricked into subconsciously introducing malware into the company. The uninterrupted stream of data leaks shows this problem. This is what we can stop. LUCY is the only platform in the world that can both measure and improve the lack of awareness and at the same time measure the technical risk.



Many customers do not want to manage their campaigns themselves and prefer the partner to offer the services from a cloud-based server. In this case, the service partner can use their own LUCY server. This model does not require a special contract between the service partner and LUCY. It is sufficient for the service partner to purchase a regular LUCY edition. The service partner’ s customers can then be billed with an individual pricing model (e.g. user-based). LUCY does not charge royalty fees for the campaigns created in the software. Example: A MSP buys the Professional Edition for USD 3800. With this edition the service partner can create unlimited campaigns/recipients on his platform. With the integrated white label function, the service partner can also use his own custom branding. The partners clients can be given a view-only access to monitor their campaigns in real time.


LEP stands for LUCY Ecosystem Partner. In certain industries, customers prefer to install LUCY on site mainly for security and privacy reasons. In this model, the LEP partner becomes a LUCY reseller, helps the client to install LUCY on-premise and receives different discount levels depending on the number of licenses sold. LEP partners pay a partner fee. Included in the fee is an unlimited ULTRA edition license for their use. Discounts for LEP partners apply.


The OEM edition is designed for partners who have customers who want to manage their own LUCY server. The OEM edition can be installed in the cloud (at LUCY’s preferred provider or any other provider) or on site at the partner’s data center. With just a few clicks, the OEM partner can boot a white-labeled LUCY edition within the OEM software and grant its customers or resellers access. The LUCY editions created in the OEM platform will be charged to the end client of the OEM partner.
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Partner provides all services  with a single LUCY instance (SaaS). Clients have no administrative access to LUCY, but can get a view-only login.

Clients are small businesses will less than 100 recipients and partners run less than 12 campaigns per year

Clients may require larger campaigns with more than 1000 recipients

Focus on attack simulations with only few training

LUCY Starter Edition

LUCY Professional

Partners client’s do not need an on-premise installation, but want to administrate their own LUCY instance. The partner offers a white-labeled product for his clients. Every client get a seperate LUCY instance created by the OEM admin.

LUCY OEM model

Additional to attack simulations, clients need a large selection of training modules

LUCY Premium Edition

LUCY Ultra Edition

The parter provides services with his own LUCY edition, additionally the partners sells to clients on-premise instances. Partner can commit to minimum 5 client installations/year

LUCY LEP model


Our certified partners provide senior know-how, local knowledge, technical expertise and other value-added services.
All partners are trained by LUCY and have successfully completed Phishing Simulations, Awareness
Trainings, Malware Simulations, and IT-Security Assessments with LUCY.

Australia – Content Security is a wholly Australian owned IT security integration and consulting firm. Founded in March 2000, Content Security has since grown to provide security products, solutions, support, and consultation to over 800 active customers.

The company has offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Canada  – Kereon  is providing a world-class training and Cybersecurity expertise to its customers worldwide, using a common sense approach in line with the ever growing Information Security challenges that companies are facing. The company has developed a Security Awareness program called Awee® based on a multidisciplinary team of professionals. Our seasoned experts possess a success-based track-record covering.
Canada  – Precicom Technologies Inc. specializes in outsourcing, information security and digital intelligence. Precicom is a company recognized for its know-how and expertises. In order to better serve its clients, Precicom ensures to deliver value and increase customer’s knowledge. The company has won various awards over the last few years for its know-how and remains among the leaders in its sector. The more we help our clients to develop skills in this great IT world, the more we succeed and develop a winning business relationship.
Chile  – Pentest SPA located in Santiago, Chile are experts in ethical hacking. It is a low profile company as they are concerned about maintaining the confidentiality of their customers. They are passionate about breaking things and then proposing solutions and thus contribute with Pentests’ grain to the security of the internet and finally know the business of their clients to understand what needs to be protected and guarded.
Germany / Deutschland – Axsos AG offers user-oriented IT from a single source: Listening and customer understanding are the credo of the IT-integrator from Stuttgart with further locations in Germany and abroad. The company’s main service areas are IT security, IT infrastructure and individual development. If the need exists, then these areas are combined into one unit as a complete package. IT security is essential for every company’s success and Axsos understands the art of developing a suitable security strategy for your customers and finding the right balance between risk minimization and acceptance when implementing it.
Germany / Deutschland – The BWG Systemhaus Guppe is a leading German System Integrator in the area of IT-infrastructure, IT-Security, Medical IT and Managed IT-Services. Having close to 100 employees the company is headquartered in Ettlingen near Karlsruhe and has additional offices in Stuttgart, Freiberg (Sachsen) and Leipzig. BWG is providing excellent services for Phishing simulations, other Social Engineering scam simulations and even simulated malware atacks to their clients. BWG has also an outstanding training offer for the increase of IT-Security awareness. Please go to the  Phishing services from BWG.
Germany – Code and Concept, based in Munich, is an experienced Lucy Service and Ecosystem Partner and provides secure solutions for modern businesses, organizations and public institutions. Code and Concept helps you to achieve a high level of Information Security, IT Security and Data Protection that meets the requirements created by ongoing digitization and forced by legal regulations. Code and Concept supports you in preparing and conducting awareness trainings and campaigns as well as phishing simulations, and assist in creating and implementing training concepts in order to account for the human factor in information security. We make sure that the three facets Technology, Processes, and Humans are all covered and work hand in hand smoothly.
Germany – SHD is a manufacturer-independent consulting, solution and service company for Information Technology and business processes. Since its founding in 1990, it has become one of the market leaders in the design, realization and support of complex process management and system solutions. The company’s main service areas are IT security, IT infrastructure, Business Process Management (BPM), ISMS consulting, IT Service Management and Managed Services. IT security is essential for every company’s success. For further information please visit us at https://www.shd-online.de/leistungsprofil/it-security/loesungen/

With more than 130 employees, the SHD is represented at six locations (Dresden as headquarters, Berlin, Hamburg, Leipzig, Nuremberg and Spremberg).

India & Singapore – Irisk Assurance brings together some of the most talented & experienced audit, Assurance & Information Security Professionals in Southern Asia and their services are comparable to any leading consultancy service organizations in the industry except that Irisks’ service is highly personalized and focused on an sustainable relationship. The main focus of Irisk is to deliver customer centric, value added services such as Enterprise Governance, Risk & Compliance Services including Information Security consulting & Audit services and SSAE 16 & SOC II audit & attestation services.

“Out of all the best of breed tools in the market, LUCY stands out for its product capability and flexibility. From pre-built, multiple customizable phishing email templates, scenarios & videos and detailed reporting /statistics for each campaign to high quality Security Awareness training modules, LUCY has a rich repertoire of all the functionality that is required to conduct a successful Phishing simulation service. LUCY is highly flexible as it offers the option of cloud or onsite deployment.” – Bala R.  Managing Director and CEO, Irisk Assurance

Hungary / MagyarországSecurenetworx. The Company’s creed: We believe, that in the upcoming years, the APT and malware-based attacks will cause or prepare the most of these incidences, therefore we provide services, that helps our customers to prepare these attacks, they can detect these attacks and they can reduce the damages and risks by these attacks.
Slovenia and the Balkans – Hic Salta has been a recognized company for more than 20 years and well known all over the Slovenian borders. The company specializes in IT-Security audits, risk management and consulting in the area of the ISO 27001 standard. The customer portfolio consists primarily of well-known public organizations and banks in South-East Europe. In the technological area, products and services in the field of e-mail security, IDS / IPS systems and firewalls belong to the core portfolio. In addition to LUCY, the company has partnerships with Clearswift, Sourcefire, Watchguard, GFI and Opentext.
Saudi Arabia – Managed Services Company specializes in providing bespoke services in the field of Cyber Security. These services range from
identifying threats and vulnerabilities to planning, designing and implementing the relevant technological, organizational and risk-based
countermeasures. The company is a managed service provider specializing in cyber threat intelligence, brand protection solutions, and security-management for complex systems.

We help our customer to secure his technologies by developing the right strategies and manage their security!

Switzerland / Schweiz – terreActive has been in the IT security business for more than 20 years and is one of the most well-known providers in the Swiss market. The company not only advises, but also integrates security solutions into the customers IT landscape, be solutions for security monitoring, log management (Splunk and others), web, email and application security or network security, to name but a few. The company also operates Managed Security Services in the sense of a Security Operations Center (SOC) for over 80 customers. During certification as an ecosystem partner, LUCY Security was able to get a picture of the company’s abilities and is deeply impressed by the concentrated competence. Learn more about terreActive’s offering on their web site www.securitymonitoring.ch
Turkey – BRING IT Services‘ aim is Bridging the Ingenuity Gap between Customers and Perfect IT Solutions. BRING IT Services offers solutions to Enterprises to overcome the challanges they have in Data Management and Information Security processes. We help Organizations to find the best ways to Manage and Secure their Data, wherever it resides! www.bring.com.tr
United Kingdom –  Neoteric Networks is proud to partner with LUCY Security to deliver a comprehensive approach to Cyber Security.  With Digitization, Cloud and the blurring of network borders, Cyber Security needs to help shape your business strategies and avoid any malicious attacks.  Learn how Neoteric Networks and LUCY Security can reduce your attack surface whilst raising awareness.

LUCY fits in exactly where we need it to, helping our customers raise awareness through simulated attacks and delivering the training to where it is needed most.  With ever increasing sophisticated attacks from Hackers it is proving an invaluable tool.” – Rebecca Lee, Director Neoteric Networks”.

United States – Envoy Data Corporation is a leading value-added distributor of IT Data Security Solutions. They take pride in proactively supporting IT companies and resellers through engineering, design, marketing, and sales support. Envoy offers offer best-of-breed IT security solutions like LUCY Server for customers in almost any market.

The goal of the company is simple; leverage the IT Security industry experience and partner relationships to provide quality solutions, services, and logistics at a competitive price.

Singapore – Graystone International enables companies and empowers their employees to secure and defend their enterprises by addressing the most vulnerable aspect – human factor. Together with our flagship program, iCyberwise, we bring together a holistic cybersecurity awareness program, developed with the sole purpose of educating your employees and conditioning them to incorporate cyber hygiene in their routine work.

Graystone International operates in the following countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

Africa – Footprint Africa Business Solutions (FABS) works together with vendors like LUCY across the African continent to help customers become more security aware. Social engineering scams are particularly rife during these difficult times of the Covid-19 pandemic, tricking users into clicking on links that lead to some form of security hack. Every link, every email, every social media message, every SMS should be treated with care, be it in the business or personal context.
France – Hermitage Solutions is a value-added distributor in infrastructure, network and IT security solutions.Since its creation in 2002, Hermitage Solutions has been distributing solutions from IT vendors with innovative content, designed for companies and organizations of all sizes, to help them meet today’s technological challenges in the field of information technology: information system security, hyper-converged infrastructures, SDN, mobility, cloud computing, etc…

Hermitage Solutions portfolio addresses the following topics:
Cybersecurity and Compliance, Industrial Systems Security, IOT implementation, Big Data, Cloud Applications.

To build trust with its partners, Hermitage Solutions is committed to providing sales, marketing and technical support and assistance, with qualified employees attentive to the specific needs of Resellers/Integrators.

Thanks to this approach of innovation and proximity, Hermitage Solutions’ turnover has grown by an average of 20% per year, outperforming the already strong market growth. Hermitage Solutions also has subsidiaries in Belgium to cover the Belgium-Luxembourg zone, and in Lithuania and Latvia to cover Baltics.

Spain – InnoTec is the cybersecurity division of Entelgy. Since the company was created in 2002, InnoTec have been providing peace of mind to more than 250 clients in Spain and Latin America. Leading private companies and public institutions have trusted the security of their organization to Entelgy Innotec Security and its more than 400 highly qualified professionals.

From InnoTec’s Advanced Security Operations Center (SmartSOC), They provide the necessary confidence to their clients, focusing on what really matters: their business. The flexibility of their solutions and services, the technological independence, the high qualification and talent of professionals and the recognition and collaboration with the main international cybersecurity stakeholders are the pillars that support the levels of security and protection that InnoTec offer.

Their professional team’s knowledge and expertise cover the whole cybersecurity cycle: identification, protection, detection, response and recovery. Complete security, 24 hours, 365 days a year (24×7 service).

United States –  GEA IT Solutions is a company oriented towards professional services and cyber security solutions. Our services and solutions portfolio is oriented towards satisfying the necessities of our clients granting them innovative technology solutions that meet their needs with quality and efficiency helping them with the improvement and continuity of their business. The promise of value of GEA IT Solutions is oriented towards understanding the company problems of our clients and to provide them with solutions that stand up to technological challenges in such a way that we can be considered a partner or business ally.

Lucy Security is a security platform that provides an innovative approach to security training and awareness that can help our clients prevent and be better prepared for future security incidents. On top of pre-existing campaigns for diverse industries, phishing attacks simulations and awareness training, the Lucy team has been very helpful and professional giving us confidence to support and endorse the platform with our clients.

Asia –  ITSEC is one of the largest information security groups in APAC/ANZ with offices in five countries and more than 100+ employees across the region. We have delivered more than a thousand successful projects to our customers and focus on delivering security solutions, technologies, services and consultancy. We also have extensive experience in helping our customers deal with changing cybersecurity legislation and (GRC) governance.

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