Standard Attack Simulation & Training Campaign


Buy a phishing campaign and training program together: We will set up and prepare a phishing campaign for educational purposes based on your requirements. Additionally, we will set up and prepare an IT-training based on your needs. The service is based on one of the existing LUCY templates.



Purchase our Phishing Campaign and Training Program together: We will set up and prepare a phishing (or appropriate) scenario and an awareness training based on your requirements and our existing templates. Templating: Depending on your needs we will configure a Phishing, SMiShing, File-Based, or a “Bad Media” (USB/DVD/CD) attack. The configuration of the LUCY server, including server configuration tasks, is part of the service as well. We will execute the campaign for you or you can start it yourself (Phishing Simulation and Awareness Training). You can define when and under what conditions the users should receive their invitations for the training. Debriefing: After successful completion we’ll support you in interpreting the campaign results. This service is provided only to owners of a LUCY commercial edition.

  • Determine customer requirements
  • LUCY customizing: campaign preparation for efficient delivery
  • Attack scenario templating
  • Awareness scenario templating
  • Domain reservation and configuration (if needed)
  • User management and import (if needed)
  • Templating: Setting up an appropriate attack scenario based on an existing LUCY template*
  • Up to 4 iterations for refinement
  • Detailed reporting after running the campaign
  • Support during campaign execution

* Provided by certified partner or LUCY. The campaign services are dedicated to owners of a commercial edition.