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A great deal! LUCY Professional offers unlimited users and campaigns and contains the whole functionality needed to run Phishing / SMiShing / Bad USB Simulation Campaigns, and Awareness Trainings. It also contains the features to run IT-Security assessments and Malware Simulations. The Penetration Test Kit is also included. Several additional features can be purchased as separate options.

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Update: 14th-May-2017. Main features:

  • Unlimited Number of Recipients
  • Unlimited Number of Campaigns
  • Hyperlink / Data Entry Attacks
  • Double Barrel Notifier
  • File Attacks
  • Mixed Attacks
  • CD / DVD Attacks
  • Portable Media Attacks
  • SMiShing Attacks
  • Java / Macro Dropper
  • Malware Simulation
  • Ransomware Simulation
  • Pentest Kit (Interactive Sessions)
  • Awareness Website
  • Remote Support API
  • CSV-Data Export
  • Website Cloner
  • Scheduler
  • Performance Calculator
  • System Optimizer
  • Video Learning
  • Recipient History
  • Comparison & Trending
  • Email Spider
  • Trusted Certificate Import
  • Trusted Certificate Generator
  • Realtime Dashboard
  • Basic Reporting (new)
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Learning Platform
  • New: Phishing Incident Plugin for MS Outlook
  • New: Threat Console
  • Passive Vulnerability Detection
  • Active Vulnerability Detection
  • Pre-Testing
  • System Performance Optimization
  • Advanced Authentication
  • SMS Authentication Option ($200) available with LUCY V3.3
  • Spear Phishing Tailoring
  • Semi-custom Video Option ($2,000)**
  • LUCY Customizing Campaign-Preparation Option ($500)*
  • LUCY Installation Support*
  • Data Export API Adoption Option***
  • Access to centralized template server available
  • Bug fix updates are included (a product maintenance package can be bought additionally)

* Provided by certified partner or LUCY.

** Custom modification includes your logo at the beginning / end, change in the intro voice-over, and adapting up to four scenes.

*** Separate charges apply; please ask for a quote.

After purchase please send us the workstation ID from an installed LUCY instance to get the product activated. More details about the activation can be found here.

The prices of all options are listed on our pricelist. All prices are calculated on a yearly basis.


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