LUCY Dedicated Root Server


Run & set up LUCY on a Dedicated Root Server with full root access in a secured data center located in Germany or Switzerland. Traffic volume: 100 – 1.000 Mbit (flat rate)/month.

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This bundle includes a dedicaded LUCY root server in the cloud where you will get full root access. It costs $120 /month with an additional one-time setup fee of $200 (contains Linux setup, LUCY setup, Basic Configuration, DNS setup for one domain & Performance Tests). This package enables you to simultaneously run campaigns with more than 80,000 recipients in a 12h period. Request a quote for more performance solutions.

Depending on your infrastructure, there are advantages to choosing our Dedicated Root Server:

  • Sufficient bandwidth: Guaranteed 1 Gbyte
  • Public IP address outside your network range: Prevents your infrastructure from being blacklisted.
  • Dedicated full root access: Hardware and OS is optimized for best results.
  • DNS: We will create the necessary DNS entries to prevent SPAM (e.g., correct PTR).
  • Direct access: The server will not be blocked by any security products already in place.
  • Application checks: To ensure that LUCY works smoothly, we perform all the necessary tests (such as creating test campaigns, running performance tests, etc.).
  • Secured data center
  • Included: 12-month Domain Mapping (We will reserve a new domain for you and map it to this VPS.)

Note: Hosting requires a LUCY Commercial License & the minimum hosting period is 2 months.

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Mandatory one time setup fee USD 200

VPS Rent Period

2 Month, 3 Month, 6 Month, 12 Month, 18 Month, 24 Month, 36 Month


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