Custom Awareness Training Video

Save time and increase productivity with custom security awareness training. All training components, including videos, can be customized for your organization.

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    Within the LUCY software there are more than 60 self-produced explainer videos on different topics. These videos are called standard LUCY videos and are available to every LUCY customer. All these standard videos have the LUCY logo at the beginning. This can also be replaced by the customer’s logo (see below under “custom video”).

    In addition to the standard videos, we also offer so-called premium videos. These elaborately produced videos are made by our partner and also use real actors in their presentation.

Prices (in Euro)
1 Video 3 Videos 6 Videos 10 Videos
Up to 250 Employees 700 600 500 500
Up to 500 Employees 800 700 600 550
Up to 1000 Employees 900 900 820 700
Up to 2000 Employees 1150 1100 1050 980
Up to 3000 Employees 1400 1300 1250 1100
Up to 5000 Employees 1550 1450 1380 1220
Up to 10000 Employees 1900 1800 1630 1380
Up to 20000 Employees 2200 2100 1900 1550
More than 20001 Employees 2500 2400 2200 1690
Options Price
Subtitling by VTT file (Closed Captions), per clip and language 90
Graphical adaptation of the explanation video (e.g. change / supplement graphics), per clip and language 450
Additional synchronized language version (EN, FR, ES, PT, IT, ZH), per language +50%
Adaptation of the speaker’s text in the explanation video, per clip and language 750
LUCY explanatory video of your choice in english language 4500
Creation of the above individual explanation video in another language 1500

All prices including VAT

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    All videos can get their own branding. Please send us your logo and let us know if you have any special wishes regarding background colours and fonts. The price per custom video starts at USD 200/video. But also complete scenes can be customized. Simply download the video scripts from our WIKI and mark the desired changes. Select the scene you want to change and provide us with the individual text and a description of the desired animation.

    We would also be happy to add other languages to the video. The price per language is at least USD 500. This includes the translation, proofreading and adaptation of the fonts within the animations. If you need it cheaper, you can optionally add subtitles. This can already be done by us for USD 190.

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