Phishing Attacks in the Holiday Season

Phishing Attacks in the Holiday Season Before and during the holidays, the Christmas business is booming: Especially in COVID times, many people turn to online shopping in order to have the products and gifts delivered straight to their homes or to their loved ones, rather than to expose themselves to the risk of infection in…

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Holistic Cybersecurity a Must for the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry deals with some of the most valuable personal data and current efforts to safeguard sensitive data are falling short. Courtesy of Holistic Cybersecurity a Must for the Healthcare IndustryInsecurity is compounded by fragmented and outsourced nature of U.S. healthcare Recently it was reported that a billion medical images, including personally identifying…

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All Training on Home and Remote Working free of charge

STAY SECURE AS A REMOTE WORKER All Work from Home Security Training is Free now! (Edit Mar-28th-2020) New material for working securely from home is now available in the LUCY Suite. Check out our phishing simulation templates based on COVID-19 topics. And we now have new courses videos quizzes exams checklists on cybersecurity safety checklists…

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USB Challenge

CHALLENGE Unknown USB devices are a serious risk to your network. 67% of employees who find a USB device in a parking lot will plug it into their computer PROTECT YOUR NETWORK FROM USB ATTACKS WITH A CHALLENGE CAMPAIGN Would your employees put your network at risk and plugin an unknown USB device? Find out…

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Mögliche Phishing und Testing Roadmap oder Vorgehensplan für edukative Social Engineering Massnahmen der Versicherungsbranche

Cyber Security Awareness Program Framework

Short Guide for setting up a Cyber Security Awareness Program (Version. 1.1.12) Make your staff better and safer: A best practice guide for a successful awareness program. The LUCY SAPF guide will help you with the implementation of the pre-project in your organization. Table of contents: Scope, Plan, Run, Evolve – Overview of the SAPF Phases…

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Concrete example of cyber protection training for customers in the insurance industry

Cyber protection solutions for the insurance industry using LUCY

70% of costs in cyber liability cases arise from careless employees. The insurance industry can use LUCY Software to run effective cyber protection and loss mitigation programs and solutions. The insurer can create added value for its customers that goes far beyond a cyber liability insurance policy. Cyber liability insurance is becoming more and more…

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