Hermitage – As a value-added distributor of IT infrastructure, network and security solutions, Hermitage Solutions sales through more than 500 channel partners (resellers/integrators), innovative solutions designed for companies and organizations of all sizes, to help them meet today’s technological challenges : information system security, hyper-converged infrastructures, SDN, mobility, cloud computing and more.

The Hermitage Solutions portfolio addresses the following topics in particular: – Cybersecurity and Compliance – Security of industrial systems – IOT – Big Data – Cloud apps To establish trust with its partners, Hermitage Solutions is committed to providing sales, marketing and technical support and assistance, with qualified staff who are attentive to the specific needs of Resellers/Integrators. Thanks to this approach of innovation and proximity, Hermitage Solutions’ sales have grown by an average of 20% per year since its inception, outperforming the already strong market growth. Hermitage believes that employee awareness is an essential part of an IT security plan. LUCY Security, with its e-learning platform that allows to test, train and engage employees, will help our VARs offering an effective solution to prevent their customer’s attacks.