Invitation to the 3rd LUCY
User Group Conference on
September 18, 2019

LUCY CONNECT Conference CO-HOSTED BY SIX GROUP features industry expert speakers, including keynote by Enterprise Security Experts. Sessions focused on latest security trends and experience sharing between the attendees.

Bring Awareness to the next Level! Learn more about the LUCY platform and the future of security awareness. Last year’s LUCY Connect User Conference in Germany was a complete success. We are very pleased to be able to hold this event again and are very grateful that the congress will take place in Impact Hub Zürich – Viadukt on September 18th, 2019.

What and Who? The third LUCY User Group Congress and Security Awareness Summit is dedicated to LUCY customers, users, prospects, invited guests and certified partners.

Why? Learn from other users experiences. Place your development requests and get an exclusive sneak preview of the future LUCY releases. In addition,: Benefit  from the unique LUCY network.

When? September 18, 2019, 9.30am – 5pm. You can also sign up for the highly popular optional Get Together Apero and dinner the evening before, sponsored by LUCY.

Please note: Due to the amount of registrations, we had to change the location.

Where? The all-day event will now be held in Impact Hub Zürich – Viadukt. “Bogen D”

  • Impact Hub Zürich – Viadukt Event Space Bogen D Viaduktstrasse 93 8005 Zürich Switzerland (map)

The event is free of charge. A list of Hotels can be found here

Parking – Below are the lists of available parking lots around the event space:

  • Best Option: Parking Pfingstweid, Pfingstweidstrasse 1 (6 minutes, 500 m) away from the event (map)
  • Best Option: Parking Prime Tower, Hardstrasse 201 (5 minutes, 350 m) away from the event (map)
  • For the list of parking near the event space, you can view the map here.

If you are using a public transport, the best option is Zürich Hardbrücke station which is only 5 minutes (400 m) away from the event.

Agenda LUCY Connect Sep-18-2019

0830 – 0930Coffee Time at Bogen D Viadukt
0930 – 0935Welcome/Agenda – Oliver Münchow, LUCY & Jörg Jungblut, Head Information Security Partner Six Group
0935 – 1000Keynote “Why investment into employee training & awareness is a crucial resilience factor” – Jörg Jungblut
1000 – 1030What is Melani and current Threat Situation, Reporting and Analysis Centre for Information Assurance – Max Klaus, Deputy Head MELANI
1030 – 1110Experiences with LUCY, Customer Story – Martin Gegenleitner, Porsche Informatik
1110 – 1125Break
1125 – 1155LUCY in the Past and in the Future: Evolvement since V4.3 and Product Roadmap 4.6 and higher – Oliver Münchow
1155 – 1225Workshop: “Improvement & Feature Requests by Attendees” – Feedback by Oliver, moderated by Colin Bastable, CEO LUCY USA
1315 – 1330Welcome of the new Participants and LUCY in Numbers – Jörg Jungblut & Palo Stacho
1330 – 1410Phishing Exercise @SIX: Learning Curve 2017-2019 – Marcin Szelag, Information Security Manager SIX
1410 – 1440Experiences and Challenges in Security Awareness – Franco Cerminara, Chief Consulting Officer Infoguard
1440 – 1510You’ve trained your employees to spot suspicious emails. Now what? – Antonio Barresi, Co-Founder xorlab
1510 – 1530Break
1530 – 1545Does X really matter?: Key factors influencing the anti-phishing training effectiveness – Dr. Gürkan Gür, ZHAW
1545 – 1615Awareness trainings make sense: Some numbers of campaigns – Audience & Palo Stacho
1615 – 1620Short Break
1620 – 1700Closing: Survey, Gartner Review, Reference Customers & next Connect(s), closing note – All (Podium and Meeting Room 1st Level)

Farewell Beer, Drinks and Snacks after the event

LUCY Connect 2019 Locations

Get Together
Tue, 17th-Sep-2019, 1800 – 2200
restaurant markthalle | limmatstrasse 231 |8005
Zürich |+41 43 366 93 25 |
Main Event
Wed, 18-Sep-2019, 0930 – 1700
Impact Hub Zürich – Viadukt | Event Space Bogen D |
Viaduktstrasse 93 8005 Zürich | +41 79 301 78 10

If you face an issue then just call Palo under +41793017810


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I confirm my registration for the main event on Sep-18-2019.

I'd like to register also for the pre-event on Sep-17-2019.