Thank you for attending our 4th LUCY Connect in 2020!

We hope to see you again next year.
Below you can find information on the 4th LUCY Connect that was held on November 12, 2020.


Invitation to the 4th LUCY User Group Conference
on November 12, 2020 3pm

LUCY CONNECT Conference features industry expert speakers, including keynote by Enterprise Security Experts. Sessions focused on latest security trends and experience sharing between the attendees.

Bring Awareness to the next Level! Learn more about the LUCY platform and the future of security awareness. Last year’s LUCY Connect User Conference in Switzerland was a complete success. It will take place again in a shorter and virtual format on Nov-12th-2020 3pm – 4.30pm.

What and Who? The fourth LUCY User Group Congress and Security Awareness Summit is dedicated to LUCY customers, users, invited guests and certified partners.

Why? Learn from other users experiences. Place your development requests and get an exclusive sneak preview of the future LUCY releases. In addition,: Benefit  from the unique LUCY network.

When? November 12, 2020, 3pm – 4.30pm.

Where? Zoom Webinars, register here:

Agenda LUCY Connect Nov-12th-2020, 3pm – 4.30pm

  1. Welcome Note and Agenda – Palo Stacho, LUCY Security
  2. Keynote “Security Awareness in the time of Fake News – Dr. Peter Berlich, Zurich University of Applied Sciences
    We do live in interesting times. Security has become a mainstream requirement and security awareness an everyday tool in the corporate toolset. However it sometimes appears we are taking steps backward. The public space has been flooded with vague, contradictory and sometimes deliberately misleading information that makes it harder for individuals and companies alike to distinguish fact from fiction and identify real threats from imagined or advertised ones. The resultant disorientation can actually make security controls less effective, exemplified in the continued effectiveness of legacy attack techniques such as Phishing. This problem is amplified by the fact that security awareness is hard to objectively assess, both because of the difficulty in working with a representative sample and assessing the actual learning effect of recipients. New initiatives supported by Lucy – such as the OptiPhish project – are aiming to rectify this problem.
  3. Running Cybersecurity Awareness Programmes – why focussing on clickrates only misleads – Jörg Jungblut, SIX Group
    Today, the depth of the threat is manifold. While in the past it was fake calculations and links to sexual enhancers and the like, we now experience more and more sophisticated attempts at attack. As an awareness measure, many rely on phishing exercises and count how often employees click. Senior management uses this indicator to derive an assessment of the maturity level. But is this really conclusive and sufficient?
  4. New LUCY Content & Functionality today and tomorrow – Oliver Münchow, LUCY Security
    LUCY Product Owner Oliver Münchow gives an outlook of the software. Where is the solution as a whole heading, what exciting features can be expected?
  5. “Feature and development requests (to be submitted preliminary to the event) – Colin Bastable and Anton Belousov, LUCY Security
  6. Wrap-up, Next Event, Thank you and Closing


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