All Security Awareness Training Plans Include:

An extensive training & phishing library

Real time in-depth reporting

Advanced security features

Multi-Language Support

GDPR Compliant

Enterprise Core

Get all core features to get your organization started fast & secure

  • Employee Directory
  • Content Editor
  • Built-in Email Server
  • Application Security Training
  • Email Report Button
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Enterprise Pro

Unlock advanced features for more robust security, across all your locations

  • Multi-Site Compatible
  • API for SIEM integrations
  • Compatible with any LMS
  • Smishing (SMS) Attacks
  • Available in 30 Languages

Enterprise Elite

Unlimited access to all features and maximum service for your organization

  • Customized Training Modules
  • Customized Attacks Templates
  • Support for Anonymization and Data Protection
  • Over 130 Languages Supported
  • VIP Support

For maximum privacy our solution can be deployed on premise for an additional fee

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Add-On Services

Content Customization Package

We offer additional services that you can add to our 3 above standard plans.

Video Customization

Get white labeled videos of your choice (price per video/language), which includes custom Logo for Intro scene, subtitles, custom scenes and more.

Translation Service

Get full translation services for your content which includes: Attack template, Awareness template, Video voice, video subtitles and more.

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+ System Setup

Built-in Email Server

Our convenient integration into your existing infrastructure allows you to get up and running with simulations fast so you gain insights quickly.

Integrate with Your Email Server

Easily launch effective attack simulations using spoofed domains from our built-in server with no integration required.
Customization Services

Receive complimentary branding and policy adjustments for any content module.
*Full content services including localization, video customization, development, and more are also available, talk to us to learn more.

Advanced Security Features

To ensure the security of your domain, data, and users, ThriveDX provides all modern security privacy and authentication standards, including Certificate-Based Authentication, DMZ Installation, 2FA/SSO, data anonymity, Hardened VPS, and more.

Platform Customization

Customize the admin platform and user experience according to your brand.

Multi-Language Admin Interface

Our admin interface is available in multiple languages including English, German, Portuguese, Russia, Spanish, French, Italian, Turkish, Dutch, and Ukrainian.

Employee Directory Integration

Quickly import employee data for efficient onboarding from Active Directory, Azure, or any other user directory using LDAP.

Easy Domain Registration

Easily purchase domains for phishing simulations through ThriveDX's API.

Multi-Tenant Deployment

Deploy ThriveDX separately for multiple client and sites as needed with our tailored solution. Know which business units and locations are performing well and are in compliance, and which ones need help.

API for SIEM Integrations

Connect with security information and event management platforms using our global API. Streamline data sharing and analytics for more informed decision-making.

+ Attack Simulations
Advanced Phishing Attacks

Simulate all common phishing attack types using advanced features including: data entry, double barrel, and mixed attacks, spear phishing, Java-based attacks, and website spoofing.

File-Based Attacks

Simulate attacks utilizing popular file types, with extensions like DOCX and PDF.

USB Attacks

Download auto-executable files to a USB drive to test employee awareness.

Ransom Attacks

Simulate ransomware attacks through downloadable files or malicious links.

Smishing Attacks

Execute phishing attacks via SMS to employees’ mobile phones.

+ Employee Training
Extensive Training Library

The content library covers all types of cybersecurity subject matter for any type of industry in different content formats such as video, quizzes, games, and more.

Content Editor

Easily customize all learning material according to your specific security policies and brand needs.

Microlearning Modules

Provide employees with short learning sessions they can complete on the go.

Certificate Generator

Celebrate employees’ achievements with a customizable auto-generate certificate.

Training Content Portal

Provide employees with access to their personal training portal where they can access curated sessions, continue sessions & see results & certificates.

Performance-Based Training

Monitor employee progress and deliver personalized content based on employee performance and individual risk assessment.

Application Security Training

Get access to select content from our market-leading Application Security Training solution for programmers, which includes:

  • OWASP Top 10 For Web: Java and C#
  • Front End: Vue.js
  • AWS Top 10: AWS for Java
Multi-Language Content
Content is available in 30 languages with additional language support as needed.
Compatible with any LMS

Easily deliver all learning material through your
own LMS.

+ Reporting
Email Report Button

Allow employees to report suspicious emails

Realtime Dashboard

Get real-time insights on campaign stats, system status, employee performances, and more.

Advanced Reporting

Create customized and automatic reports on training activity and phishing simulation results customized for the needs of any stakeholder (management, compliance, HR..).

Progress Tracking

Track user activity and completion rate to get full visibility of employee progress.

Email Report Triage Assistant

Get a security analysis of all reported emails and save time on managing alerts.

Anonymization and Data Protection

Maintain employee privacy by exporting information without personal data.

+ Support

VIP Support

Get full VIP support convenience with prioritized inquiries.


1 Module

English +1 Additional Language


3 Module

Access All Translated Content


6 Module

Translation available for +130 Languages

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