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Phishing Benchmark

How aware are your employees towards phishing attacks?
Find out with LUCY Phishing benchmark

  • Identify your risk groups
  • Affordable pricing model
  • Use of industry-standard attack patterns

Security Awareness

Over a 14 day period we measure the IT security behaviour of your chosen staff. We simulate phishing attacks that require opening a link, entering confidential data, or downloading an attachment. Each participant receives 1-2 emails of different difficulty levels from a total selection of 15 industry-standard attack patterns during the assessment period.

Price (flat fee): 950 USD


Within a short time a professional awareness training could be carried out

Topics are very up to date, good price, simple company-specific adjustments possible, good support, incredibly innovative

Reviewer: Security and Risk Management
Company Size: 10B – 30B USD

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Simple and effective awareness tool which offer great flexibility

The vendor was really responsive to our requests and listening to our ideas for improvements, which they implemented quickly. Lucy is a simple and efficient tool to increase phishing awareness withing our client’s employees.

Reviewer: Consultant
Company Size: 30B + USD

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Great Tool For Risk Assessment And Computer Based Training On Phishing And Security Risks

Well designed application, easy and flexible usage to design your own campaigns. Many pre-designed examples of campaigns that can be adopted to your own needs.

Reviewer Role: CIO
Company Size: 50M – 250M USD

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Easy to implement, very extensive toolkit. Self explanatory GUI, very reasonable pricing

Fully customizable phishing assessments and CBT at a very reasonable price. Well documented, the toolkit is quite self explanatory. Great support by the vendor where needed.

Reviewer Role: Knowledge Specialist
Company Size: 10B – 30B USD

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